We all want the most exquisite care for our children. We need to make sure that our pediatrician is one we can trust and confide in for the little ones that are so dear to us. Education and experience are also going to be critical when selecting the right medical expert for your kids. Being that us Queens residents cannot take any chances with the health of our young ones, we decided to create the Fresh Meadows Pediatrician Blog.

This blog will bring you the most important news, tips, and information on children’s health. In addition to useful information, we will also be providing you with top rated Queens Ledger & Healthy Kids Featured local children’s doctor which you can trust. So what are you waiting for? Follow our blog and get in the know when it comes to immunizations and other pediatric related issues near you.

One of our very own local pediatricians Dr. Uriel Mirzakandov has been helping our children in Queens get back to full health. Their local pediatric office is welcoming, friendly, and clean. For sick and well check-ups, required vaccinations for school, and your seasonal flu shots, it is a one-stop clinic for all your needs.

If you need emergency question please reach out to the NYC.gov Metropolitan Hospital Center. If you have a critical health issue please visit the pediatric emergency room right away.

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