Important pediatric exams for your child

Exams for newborn babies

The category of newborn examinations begins from the moment the baby is born and leads up until the first year of their life. At the hospital the doctors immediately check the baby’s oxygen level, reflexes, breathing, and many more things.

As new parents it is expected to worry a bit more than normal and monitor every aspect of our babies. This is why continuing newborn exams are so important. They evaluate the baby’s breathing, feeding, sleeping, weight gain. The first year of life is so essential to a healthy life, and maintaining a proper schedule with immunizations is the best way to proceed.

Healthy child exams.

The scheduled healthy child exams are an excellent time to get questions answered. We often wonder if our children are growing at the correct pace if their weight is ok for their height, what times, and how much to eat when to start brushing their teeth, and the list goes on.  During these checkups the pediatrician will be monitoring their development to make sure your child is growing and healthy. Your local pediatric specialist in Queens can schedule appoints like these without a problem

Sick Visits

Any parent to young children can tell you that the amount of bacteria and germs a child comes in contact with is incredible. They are constantly exploring and putting things in their mouths. This is why when a child develops a runny nose, cough, or fever, it does not necessarily mean to panic. Sick visits to the doctor are meant for dealing with these scenarios. Pediatricians can easily diagnose, and test your sick child for viruses, bacteria, ear infections. What is most important is to be in tune with our children, in the early years they are not able to communicate everything they are feeling. And will often act out, or not eat or sleep, these can all be signs for a common cold.

Learning Disabilities

As children grow more and begin to speak, write, read, and attend school we might start noticing that they are not advancing as quickly as the other children. It is 100% normal for children to develop and learn at different paces, based on their environment, their genetics, and their schedule. Being able to identify when to step in and provide extra assistance or seek outside help is a fine line with children and your neighborhood pediatrician can assist in the evaluations.

School physicals

When children start school they must maintain certain vaccine schedules and receive examinations. This increases when they start playing sports, for liability reasons the school must confirm the children are healthy enough to participate in the sports programs. These are a great excuse to come in and visit your pediatrician and ask questions, and for your children to ask questions too. It is much better to diagnose an issue or illness early on then after an injury has occurred.